v4 Production Group Inc. offers a wide variety of production services designed for corporate, entertainment and community events.


Our design service assures that your event fits into your intended space.   Starting with simple but accurate 2 dimensional floor plans that give catering and banquet services exact placement of tables, chairs, stages, AV equipment, electrical services, and architectural features.  In addition,e dimensional renderings provide amazing detail allowing you to view your event from any vantage point within the meeting space.



​Experience the latest in large screen 3 chip DLP projection combined with high resolution graphic switching.    Create video backdrops in excess of 100' feet wide with the latest multi projector screen blending technology.   


Our professional high power, low profile speaker systems are uniquely designed for the corporate presentation environment with complete production systems designed for crowds from 20 to 20,000 people.

Combine traditional lighting instruments with the power of intelligent fixtures to create unlimited color combinations for your event.  Match stage and set colors to your presenter’s PowerPoint, highlight company logos, and use movement to create excitement.  The possibilities are endless.




Options for getting your meeting or conference on line have never been greater.  

Using the flexibility of Wirecast software and task specific hardware, Town Hall Meetings, Investor / Analyst Conferences ,  and Annual Symposiums can reach your audience worldwide. 


We can even replace your current webcam with our HD camera and video playback systems allowing you to use your existing streaming provider.

Accessible platforms include:

Facebook/Twitter / Periscope



WebEx / Zoom / Microsoft Teams

GoTo Meeting / Go To Seminar

Private password protected URL's

Custom embed players 


Contact us for in-depth examples.

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With presentation systems equipped specifically for the investment community, v4 can provide you with turnkey production services in the wake of the Securities and Exchange Commission’s Regulation Full Disclosure.  Seamless computer switching, encrypted wireless microphones, remote computer control, telephone interfaces, redundant audio recording – all designed with investor relations in mind.


Need to get the show on the road?  Multi-city product and promotional tours are standard fare in today’s competitive work environment.  v4 handles all aspects of corporate touring from concept to execution including stage and set designs, site surveys, communications, transportation, and production logistics.


Is your group or association using walk in, walk up, and walk out music during your meeting or convention?  Allow v4 to assist you with the proper ASCAP, BMI, and SESAC licensing agreements.   Critical music editing, custom voiceover overlays and sync rights via Ashbrook Music Group can all be handled by our production staff.  

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